Lütetsburg Lodges

Experience history and nature up close: Lütetsburg Lodges

The new home for nature lovers and all friends of the beautiful coast , only eight kilometers from the East Frisian Wadden Sea coast (UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE). Our holiday homes and apartments are the new places to be for those seeking peace, quiet and relaxation. But also the history does not come too briefly in such a historical place

Lodges in East Frisia , We have deliberately chosen this terminology because from our point of view it definitely best describes the various apartments on our complex. No other place in East Frisia offers such a wide range of strong and wonderful natural contrasts: forest , water , meadows , landscape park , a near-natural golf course , and of course the sea!

We also offer the opportunity of staying overnight directly in the historic outer bailey and thus experience unforgettable days and nights at the foot of the castle. In addition, we have reopened two holiday apartments in a completely renovated former farmhouse. These holiday apartments reflect the charm of bygone times without giving up the conveniences of the modern age.

Our absolute highlight, however, are the architect tree houses with view over the cultivated greens of the golf course and into the wide landscape of East Frisia. Directly on the natural golf course, surrounded by forest, water and meadows, we have created three wonderful tree houses. In the midst of the 50 hectare golf landscape, everyone will find peace and quiet. On request, our guests can consciously do without modern equipment such as television and Wi-Fi to get even closer to this unique experience of nature. 

In the upcoming year we will also be offering the opportunity to take a holiday on the wonderful East Frisian island of Juist. We are currently in the renovation phase of an old island house and hope to welcome six to eight guests here from spring 2020 onwards. Located directly at the south dike, with a fantastic view over the Wadden Sea and only a few minutes away from the beach, guests will experience an island holiday of a special kind here.

Further information will follow shortly.

The topic of sustainability is also very important to us. All tree houses were made of PEFC-certified wood and come from Germany. Heating is provided by an energy-saving geothermal heat pump.

But that’s not all: We plant a tree for every booking with us. This tree will be planted either on the golf course, in the Lütetsburg castle park or on the agricultural and foresty enterprise of the count’s family zu Inn- und Knyphausen. This is one of our active contributions to a sustainable tourism here in the beautiful region of East Frisia. For more information on our sustainability projects, please visit: https://www.luetetsburg.com/de/luetetsburg/klima-und-naturschutz/

We are looking forward to your stay at Lütetsburg and welcome all forest enthusiasts, children of the meadows, fans of landscape parks and nature lovers.

History of Castle and Park Lütetsburg

The first traces of today’s Lütetsburg castle date back to the beginning of the 13th century. The chieftain dynasty of Manninga, at that time influential East Frisians, had a so-called Uthof, an outer courtyard, built in 1212. In the 14thcentury, Lütet I. Manninga built a stone house on this site. Today he is the patron saint of the place and the castle.

In the following centuries Lütetsburg was the headquarters of powerful barons but also was destroyed again and again by raging battles in the surroundings. Finally, in the 16th century, the castle, which had been rebuilt several times, was extended by an outer bailey. This outer bailey still exists today, for the most part in its original form.

In 1588, Hyma Manninga married the imperial baron Wilhelm zu Innhausen und Knyphausen and the magnificent estate passed into the ownership of the family zu Inn- und Knyphausen. Still today, the Family zu Inn- und Knyphausen owns this wonderful piece of contemporary history.

The founding of the famous Castle Park in the style of an English landscaped garden goes back to the imperial baron Edzard Mauritz zu Inn- und Knyphausen, who had it redesigned in 1790. In previous centuries, the rulers of Lütetsburg castle had already built a large baroque garden around it, but it had become very overgrown and was therefore to be redesigned.

Throughout his whole life, Edzard Mauritz cared for the castle park with extraordinary dedication and attention to detail. He had stone sculptures built and monuments created , many of them with connections to his personal life and the family. The many small buildings in the park, such as the Temple of Friendship or the Nordic Chapel, were designed and built upon his order. These buildings can still be admired today in the castle park.

The following generations of the zu Inn- und Knyphausens continued to take care of the castle park, but hardly made any changes to it. It was not until the early 18th century that new colors were brought to the park by extensive planting of rhododendrons and azaleas. These can still be seen in the park today and offer a colorful natural landscape during the main flowering season in May and June.

Like many other areas in the East Frisian region, the castle and the park were severely damaged by bombings during the Second World War. The then Prince Wilhelm Edzard rebuilt the park and then had generous extensions created, which still exist in their form today.

In the meantime, the Lütetsburg castle park has become the largest (and perhaps most beautiful) private castle park in the style of an English landscaped garden in northern Germany. With a total size of 30 hectares, it offers many kilometers of lovingly landscaped hiking trails. Around 150 different tree and shrub species from all over the world can be admired in the park, whereby it shows different facets of its beauty in every season.

The park is open all year round and a must see on every visit to the beautiful East Frisian North Sea coast.


The surroundings of our unique holiday apartments offer numerous leisure activities for young and old. Whether cycling in the East Frisian countryside, taking walks in the adjoining castle park, a round of golf on the Lütetsburg castle golf course or a day trip to one of the East Frisian islands , thanks to the excellent location you are able to arrange your stay completely individually.

In the Lütetsburg’s Schlossparkcafé you can relax and recharge your batteries with cake and coffee or tea on the terrace with a fantastic view or in the greenhouse under old vines.

In the golf restaurant “Schatthuus” at the golf course of Lütetsburg castle, you can enjoy small but fine dishes in a bright, friendly setting , with a direct view over the putting green.

The harbor dock Norddeich is only a 10-minute drive away from the holiday apartments. From there you can take the ferry directly to the popular East Frisian islands of Norderney and Juist. But also Norddeich itself has a lot to offer for visitors. The city is a state-approved North Sea spa and is always worth a visit.

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Sustainable tourism

We also have been committed to sustainable tourism right from the start. For us, this is not just a phrase or an advertising slogan. Furthermore we want to make our contribution to climate protection and are therefore committed to the ecological use of resources right from the start!

In all of our holiday properties, care was taken to use only sustainable raw materials where possible. The electrical appliances were also selected for energy efficiency. We not only guarantee a high level of comfort in the midst of nature, we also want to actively ensure that nature is preserved not only in a regional sense but also outside the boundaries of Lütetsburg.

You can also look forward to a variety of local products. We offer various venison sausages from our own forestry company and have partnerships with many farmers, bakers and other service providers from the region. All offer goods from the surrounding area and are of excellent quality.

But there is more to it: We plant a tree for each booking of one of our holiday properties. This is planted either in our castle park in Lütetsburg or in the surrounding agricultural and forestry areas of the family zu Inn- und Knyphausen. This is to compensate for the additional CO2 emissions caused by the arrival of our guests.

During your stay, you can also sign up for the sponsorship of a beautiful bee meadow and/or a tree of your choice  by the means of a small donation. You decide whether you prefer  a fir tree, an oak tree or an exotic ginseng to call “your own”. Make wonderful memories  and a guaranteed joyous reunion on your next visit to us. You can find more information about tree sponsorship here:


We are also open to further suggestions or sensible additions to our sustainable tourism efforts. Please let us know your wishes, suggestions and feedback! We appreciate your support.